How to Study the Bible: NT Survey (Pt1)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

We started our survey of the New Testament books by looking at some elements of the structure of the New Testament, and then we dove right into the Gospels. Why do we have three "synoptic" Gospels and then John? Which was written first? Does it matter? What can we learn from all that.

Additionally, we had a couple good questions at the beginning of the study. For example: Where in the Bible can we find the concept of a "calling" (i.e., a calling to be a pastor or missionary)?

Two books mentioned in this study:

  1. Is That You Lord?: Hearing the Voice of the Lord, a Biblical Perspective by Gary E. Gilley (deals with the issue of callings, mystical promptings, etc.)
  2. Why Four Gospels? by David Alan Black (deals with the issue of why three synoptic Gospels)