Strategic Grasp of the Bible by J. Sidlow Baxter

This is a great introductory book on the structure of the Bible (how it all fits together) from a dispensationalist viewpoint. It will give you a basic understanding of the Bible as a whole and prepare you for further studies of the Scripture.

Here are some excerpts from the back cover:

Within the compass of this substantial volume, a major study work, J. Sidlow Baxter points out the marvel of he structural design of the Scriptures.

First examining the "architecture" of the Bible, he suggests the basic approach to and expectation of what is to be gained by the study of the Scriptures. He then makes clear how a certain fitness for discerning the spritual truths of the Bible may be aquired--so he leads the reader to understand the structure of the Bible as a whole.

Included in the text are useful outlines and tables to summarize key factors, figures, pronouncements and turning points which have pivotal or crucial significance in the total message of the Bible.

Where to find the book:

This book is currently out-of-print, so you'll have to buy it used. Here are some links to get you started on your search: