The Biblical Goals of Evangelism

Discipleship Message #7: A Biblical Philosophy of Evangelism, Part 2

We started out this study developing a biblical theology of discipleship and now we are looking at a biblical philosophy of the same. In our study in the theology of discipleship we started with our purpose and then looked at our mission, which is to make disciples (through both evangelism and edification). In the study of a biblical philosophy of discipleship, we want to see what the Bibles say about how disciples are made. Just how do evangelism and edification happen?

Our study of a biblical philosophy of discipleship began with what the Bible says about evangelism. Last week we looked at the means of salvation--the components of the process that God takes a sinner through in order to save him: Conviction, the preaching of the cross, conversion, and regeneration. We ended that study with a question: Where's the weak link in that process? The weak link is us.

What are our responsibilities in this process of God saving a lost sinner? There are two and they are our "goals" in evangelism. These two goals are what God expects of us in the initial work of making a disciple (salvation). Our two goals (God's two expectation for us in evangelism for which He will judge us) are these:

  • Go: God expects us to go out into the world, to seek out sinners and be among them.
  • Sow: God expects us to “sow the seed” of the Gospel by speaking (witnessing) to those lost sinners.