The power of true religion!

This was written over 150 years ago by Thomas Reade (c. 1850). I wonder what he would write about church-goers today...

The power of true religion is so little felt by the bulk of professing Christians.

There are four evils which mark the decaying state of Christians in general:

  • their love of the world;
  • their love of ease;
  • their fear of man;
  • their distrust of God's providence.

The New Testament believers were just the reverse of all this:

  • they despised the world, and its flattering allurements;
  • they took up the cross, and denied themselves;
  • they boldly confessed Christ, and suffered for His sake;
  • they trusted God for all things, and so took joyfully the the confiscation of your property.

And what was the blessed fruit?

  • They abounded in consolation;
  • they grew in grace;
  • they shone as lights in the world;
  • they felt joy and peace in believing.

But now we see professing Christians, even many of whom we charitably hope well . . .

  • languid in their graces,
  • timid in their confession,
  • afraid of consequences,
  • and fearful of trusting God.

Sad symptoms these, of spiritual decay!

[From Grace Gems]