IHOP OneThing 2013 Outreach

We had a great (and exhausting) time preaching the gospel and the truth of Scripture to the attendees of this year's IHOP OneThing Conference. Many were willing to listen and several took some materials with them (books, CDs, the "IHOP Packet").

Sadly, there were also many who would not let go of the idolatrous, narcissistic, self-centered belief in personal, extra-biblical revelation from God (i.e., "God told me... I see visions... I have dreams..."). But, hopefully the Lord will open their eyes to the sufficiency of Scripture so they can grow in Christ and be established in the faith once delivered unto the saints.

Here are some pics and a video: 

Thanks to Dave for putting everything together: the IHOP Packet, the transportation, the coordination of the event, et al. Thank you! 

Here are some short videos that feature actual IHOP preaching and testimony. These videos capture the danger and heresy that surrounds this movement:

Those videos (and countless others) are not a-typical of IHOP, but are, in fact, very typical of the "IHOP experience": uncontrollable crying; laughing; mindless repetition of "worship"; artificial drunkenness; stringing Bible words and sentences together without proper context; no mention of the gospel, repentance, and the actual Holy Spirit.  

Recently, there was a well-known conference put on by John MacArthur called the Strange Fire Conference that went into great detail of many unbiblical movements and one of those movements they talked about a lot was IHOP. These messages below are helpful to understand the dangers of a movement like IHOP: